Survival Kit  für die WildnisEin Survival Kit für die Wildnis ist meist kleiner als ein traditionelles Überlebenspaket oder ein Katastrophenschutz-Kit. Der Hauptzweck dieser Kits ist die Ergänzung aller bereits vorhandenen Werkzeuge und Ausrüstung.Zum Beispiel werden diese Kits mit Wasserfiltern, Feuerstahl, Taschenlampe, Paracord-Seilen, Erste-Hilfe-Material, einem Messer usw. geliefert. Diese Kits sind ideal für begeisterte Camper, Intercity-Reisende, Wanderer und Jäger.
Every year in the US about 150 people die while out and about in national parks, more than 1,000 die in hunting-related incidents and thousands of backcountry enthusiasts get in deep trouble and require a Search and Rescue team to save them; with dozens of those folks dying while awaiting rescue. Most fatalities are the result of poor preparation. Bad weather descends and people get lost. They wander without water or shelter, often injuring themselves in the process. If they survive they often suffer frostbite, hypothermia, dehydration, trench foot or some combination of them all.
Untold numbers of people wind up suffering frostbite, shock or hypothermia every year because they didn’t have adequate survival gear when the weather on their wilderness adventure took a rapid turn for the worse. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Titan 2-sided Mylar Survival Blanket is light as a feather and yet capable of retaining up to 90% of your body heat.
Der Bug-Out-Bag-Rucksack ist etwas größer als der Get-Home-Bag-Rucksack. Während man beim Get Home Bag mit einem sehr kleinen Rucksack auskommt (In der Get-Home-Bag-Checkliste sahen wir uns den Tasmanian Tiger Daypack: TT Essential Pack – 6 Liter genauer an), sollte der Rucksack fürs Bug Out Bag schon etwas größer sein. Allerdings sollte auch dieser die 60-Liter-Marke nicht überschreiten.

A bug out bag or a tactical backpack,  is a large, accessible, strong, and convenient backpack that you can personalize the contents for your situation. This is a bag that you want to have ready so that you can grab it at a moment’s notice. The pack should always be packed and stored in an accessible place. You never know when you might be forced to leave your home and have to survive on only what is on your back. Not only will you need a pack you will need good quality boots as well.   To help you find the best bug out bag, we have listed out some things to consider when buying.

Paracord is one of the most versatile pieces of survival gear you can carry. It has applications as diverse as helping you set up a makeshift tent to creating a clothesline for drying wet clothes to establishing a perimeter around your campsite that will warn you of the approach of curious or hungry mammals. On top of that you can use it to transcend physical obstacles like small cliffs you might encounter as you attempt to reach civilization. It’s essential survival gear for the person that likes to be prepared for any eventuality.

The whole point of a bug out bag is that it is ALWAYS packed and ready to go. In a true emergency, you might not have the time to throw those last few items into your bug out bag that you’ll really need. So, the short answer to this question is that the bag should be packed and ready to go at all times. But you should also be careful to regularly check any items in your bag that could expire or need replacement if they’ve been sitting for a while.
Even the smartest smartphone hasn’t been able to compensate for having no signal; until now. goTenna leverages a simple messaging app to allow you to communicate with the outside world should you be in need of help. You can share your GPS coordinates and condition, access offline maps or broadcast your situation to any other goTenna user in the vicinity. You also get confirmation your messages were delivered successfully so you can rest assured help is on the way. Finally, a way to get more from your phone when you’re off-grid. A smart, affordable piece of survival gear.
Die Inhalte für Ihr persönlich zusammengestelltes Survival Kit stellen wir Ihnen auf der Seite Survival Ausrüstung vor bzw. finden Sie auf den Listen die wir hier zusammengetragen haben: Survival Kit Liste. Auch können Inhalte des Sets aus vorhandenen Ausrüstungsteilen, selber hergestellten Tools oder falls noch nicht vorhanden gekauft und ergänzt werden.
zunächst vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an unserem Survival-Kit-Vergleich! Unter einer so genannten "Schweizer Karte" versteht man ein ausgestanztes Metallkärtchen bzw. eine Art Multifunktions-Werkzeug (Multitool) in Kreditkarten-Format, das zumeist Folgendes beinhaltet: Flaschenöffner, Lineal, eine kleine Säge, Schraubendreher. Einige der von uns verglichenen Survival-Kits nutzen dieses Tool, um ihre Ausstattung möglichst platzsparend unterzubringen.